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Services of static balancing

At our workshops we offer static balancing of rotating parts for the following machinerie:

  • rotors of steam turbines,
  • rotors of generators,
  • rotors of electric motors,
  • rotors for compressors, exhaust fans and blowing fans,
  • rotors of pumps,
  • rotors of fans,
  • rotors of transmission gearboxes,
  • other rotating components.

Our company operates balancing machines of HM5BU and H30-B types from SCHENCK. These machines are equipped with a modular HMI system and can collaborate with PC computers of industrial types PLCs and the CAB 803 measuring unit. These components of balancing machines make sure that the balancing process is extremely accurate and corresponds to requirements of the ISO 1940 standard, since the maximum remaining residual unbalancing for each plane is less than 0.1 gmm per one kilogram of rotor weights.

Parameters of balancing machines:


  • Rotor weight for symmetric load G = 5500 kg (with 2750 kg per each support),
  • Gmax up to 6000 kg,
  • Maximum diameter D=2200 mm,
  • Distance between bearings L=3250 mm,
  • Lmin=180 mm,
  • Journal diameters d=18-280 mm. Rotor weight for symmetric loads G = 40 – 400 kg.


  • Gmax up to 400 kg,
  • Maximum diameter D=600 mm,
  • Distance between bearings L=1450 mm,
  • Lmin=100 mm,
  • Journal diameters up to d=80 mm.