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Hoisting machines

Overhauls of hoisting machines include:

  • Inspection of articulated joints in the braking system a hoisting machine with assessment of their technical condition.
  • Verification or redevelopment of technical documentation for a hoisting machine together with strength calculations pursuant to requirements of the State Mining Authority (WUG), manufacturing of new components for hoisting machines pursuant to requirements of the State Mining Authority (WUG), such as:
    • split bearings for the front shaft,
    • pushing arms,
    • braking bars,
    • pins and sleeves for articulated joints of a braking system.
  • Revamping of articulated joints for a braking system either at own workshops or on site.

In addition our offer includes:

  • Preparation of the hoisting machine unit for annual inspections.
  • Inspection, maintenance, overhauls and adjustment of hoisting machine subassemblies with subdivision into:
    • control panel,
    • conveyance travel control system,
    • braking pressure control system,
    • braking system,
    • indicating devices,
    • protection devices,
    • auxiliary equipment and piping,
    • system for torque transfer,
    • compressors for all systems of hoisting machines,
    • inspection and overhaul of key units and subassemblies in hoisting machines.
  • Inspection, repairs, refurbishment and acceptance tests of steam units in hoisting machines.
  • Non-destructive tests of hoisting machine components with participation of competent and authorized experts:
    • braking systems,
    • axles of rope guiding wheels,
    • main shafts.