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The scope of offered jobs include:

inspection and assessment of technical condition, establishing the necessary scope of repair and overhaul jobs. The company accepts orders for overhauls of steam turbines, with the following particular jobs:

  • steam flow turbine parts (Diaphragms, rotor),
  • bearing systems of the unit with casting of “white” metal and testing of adhesion between “white” metal and bearing bushing,
  • alignment of turbine units (turbine – generator – exciter),
  • systems of circular oil with pumps, flow control and safety valves as well as oil filters and coolers,
  • adjustment of safety and control systems,
  • systems for steam condensation along with auxiliary equipment,
  • alignment of turbine units,
  • trial run tests for systems of rpm control and for protection,
  • operation of turbine units during warranty periods.

In addition the offer includes:

  • manufacturing and replacement of labyrinth sealing,
  • replacement of tubes for heat exchangers, oil coolers and steam condensers,
  • non-destructive and destructive tests as well as metallographic examination of machinery components,
  • revamping of machinery components with development of technical documentation and technologies with arrangement of necessary approvals,
  • development of engineering documentation for machinery refurbishments with the detailed engineering drawings and manuals,
  • manufacturing of spare parts based on own-developed revamping documentation,
  • assessment of machinery technical condition with classification for further overhaul or decommissioning,
  • replacement of diaphragms and rotor blades,
  • Diaphragms regenerations.